As an avid scuba diver and oceans fanatic, I have been fascinated by the relationship between the clownfish and the anemone for many years. Each species is highly dependent on the other for survival offering a perfect example of a relationship in symbiosis. The clownfish makes its home among the anemone but in order to do so it must protect itself from the harpoon-like stingers (nematocysts) on the anemone’s tentacles. The anemone has evolved not to sting the clownfish but one can never be too safe in the wild, so the clownfish has a very thick mucus membrane that shields it from the venomous stings. Therefore, the clownfish lives among the anemone benefiting from this protective environment that keeps its predators away due to the anemone’s deadly sting. To reciprocate, the symbiont clownfish provides nutrients in the form of waste, baits fish towards the anemone with their bright colours, scares off predators such at butterfly fish, increases surrounding water circulation, and excretes nitrogen promoting anemone growth and regeneration by boosting algae deposits into their tissues.

What does this have to do with business you ask? Well, in addition to inspiring our name, InSymbiosis (from the act of being “in Symbiosis”), it has created a business model that makes this its business to produce mutually beneficial relationships (symbiotic relationships) between the various components of the drug development universe. To accomplish this, we created a collaborative platform whereby we match our own expertise and systems together with biotech’s and pharma’s exciting new drug assets combined together with service providers such as: CROs, CMOs, and consultants. The results are three-fold: the benefit from all parties being brought together, the advancement of drugs towards the clinic, and the potential treatment of the most important party in the equation, the patient!

Therefore, as you can see, InSymbiosis’s strategy has been built upon the success that has been created in nature in the relationship such as those between the clownfish and the sea anemone. In recognition, they have been featured as part of our branding since the inception of the company over 12 years ago. And in the recent update to our website, our clownfish has morphed into a new look that will take our branding theme into the future.

Dean Wenham
Founder and CEO, InSymbiosis