We provide the biopharma industry with an alternative strategy for outsourcing in order to accelerate drug development programs and provide lower costs, thereby enabling critical new drugs to reach patients faster.


The Company

Founded in 2005 and managed by seasoned ex-pharma/CRO drug development scientists and executives, InSymbiosis is committed to improving how biopharma companies outsource drug development R&D. By investing in our innovative infrastructure and processes, we have built a dynamic and powerful platform enabling us to offer our biopharma clients’ direct CRO discounts delivered in a highly transparent manner while in parallel managing CRO quality and delivery.

Based in Montreal, Canada, our team is comprised of a multidisciplinary drug development group, financial and investment experts, and a strong business development and CRO procurement team.

Investment Vehicle

Through collaboration with InSynchrony Ventures, we can align the benefits of working with InSymbiosis with capital from InSynchrony Ventures.

The clownfish and sea anemone are in-symbiosis. The clownfish feeds on small invertebrates that otherwise would harm the sea anemone and in return is protected from predators by the anemone’s stinging cells. At InSymbiosis, we are inspired by this classic example of symbiosis which led to the evolution of our business model that is specifically designed to create symbiotic relationships between the various parties that we bring together.

Our Team Members

InSymbiosis was founded and is managed by executives with strong drug development skills and a penchant for creative business models. The founding team then assembled a strong group of well-rounded and skilled individuals comprising of drug development experts, financial and management specialists, investment/fundraising professionals and business developers.