High on its way to becoming a tradition, this year marks our third annual company retreat in Mont-Tremblant. Spending the majority of the year working up a storm, by attending biopartnering conferences, chasing study milestones, monitoring study procedures, preparing contracts, filing year-ends and branding and expanding our business, we see the importance in taking a brief pause to regroup and refocus.

Over the past year we have expanded our team, launched new initiatives and grown our business. As you can imagine, this created a perfect opportunity to gear this year’s agenda towards a day spent team building. And what a success! We got to know each other more deeply, learned each others methodologies and how this new ‘team language’ can be harnessed to enhance our business.

And as the picture shows, we finished off our day by seeing that we are linked together in a common goal and it takes teamwork to reach it!

The InSymbiosis Team